ALOHA HOUSE | Marbella, Malaga | 2002

The AlohaHouse responds to the needs of an extended family unit composed of a paternal nucleus that enjoys the upper floor and the central area on the ground floor with an extension for the younger members of the family located in the duplexes attached on either side. Both share the common areas of the house: the ground floor lounge, spa, gym, pool, and gardens. The house, in the shape of an arch around the garden and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, allows all living areas direct access to the garden promenade. The curved corridor leading to the different areas of the house has a common vertical circulation element. A concrete spiral staircase clad in Roman travertine marble joins the three levels under a concentric skylight. The plot where the house is located has about 5000m2 with a slope to the northeast. These conditions, that suggested the orientation and position of the proposal in the upper part of the plot, allow the creation of a private landscape that transits from the porch and covered terraces with exclusive design pergolas to the garden areas, which have a swimming pool, sauna and lake. This set comprises a series of water planes at different levels that face the landscape reflected in them.