SEDE ORIENTAL LANDSCAPE | Beijing, China | 2015

One of the most important projects carried out by ATB Orient, in collaboration with the architect FacundoTabordaGauna and OUDG, was the design commission of the corporate headquarters of OL, the largest landscaping company in China. The company required that its headquarters, located in the prestigious Artistic District 798 of Beijing, maintain the elegance of its corporate image while in turn reflect its landscaping business. We tried to resist the temptation to use the color green, focusing more on an interaction of organic forms accentuated by the sinuous shapes of the plants. White was used to create a dreamlike atmosphere inspired by the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. To this end, a spiral staircase, shaped like a stem with leaves included as part of its structure, was designed to soar up the central atrium to the glassed cupola above which leads to the ramp walkways. In addition, other spaces such as the theatre, what has now become the largest green wall of Asia, a customized reception table with a horizontal plant structure for the entrance of the building were designed as well as a lighting system.