SIERRA BLANCA | Marbella, Malaga | 2005

The main challenge of this project was to build on a woodland plot with centenary trees encompassing the terrain. A rigorous topographic study was carried out to ascertain which areas could be built on while respecting the environment and surrounding trees, these areas defined the final shape of the houses. The design strategy was limited, therefore, and to give importance to the habitable units, three types of houses were designed according to their ability to adapt to the environment, each with advantageous views thanks to the slope. On the one hand the houses with more surface area on the elevated part of the plot and on the other hand the “butterflies”, named after the shape of their floors and double height, lastly the compact houses, which have a single floor but more square meters. All the houses were projected to be situated on the plot without obstructing the views of the others. The gardens and pools are integrated into a central space that gives the feeling of being totally isolated.